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November 23, 2004

Mr. Hereford's Books

Last week, I received my University of Virginia Alumni magazine in the mail, which of course sat around for a few days before I looked at it. But when I did look at it, one of the first things I saw was a memorial for the University's fifth President, Frank L. Hereford. I met former President Hereford when I was working one summer in the University's Special Collections Library. I hadn't thought about him, or the time I met him for a long time. But once I remembered, I couldn't stop thinking about him and his books. So I decided today's picture of the moment needed to be as much a story as a picture. So I picked this photograph because it was taken at UVa, which makes it tangentially related. Read the story of Mr. Hereford's Books to find out what it was I could not forget.

Picture Taken by RCH

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